fire pumps

 Main part of water system



We supply a wide range of certified fire pumps that comply with the highest international standards


jockey pump :

It’s the first pump to start in case of fire, It operates as a pressure maintenance pump so in case of a leakage in the system pressure it will makes the system pressure as recommended, and A jockey pump should be sized to make up the allowable leakage rate within 10 minutes or 1GPM (3.8 L/min), whichever is larger, and is used for this job instead-off starting the electric pump to protect it from starting until a serious problem occurs.



Electric pump:

It’s the second pump to start in case of fire; it’s the 100% duty pump.


Diesel pump:

It’s a 100% stand-by pump, operates in case of power failure with the failure of pressure make up process by the electric pump, or even with the present of power if failure of pressure make up process.